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On Issues

With the right people working together, we can solve every single problem we face. When I have a seat at the table, that means you have a seat at the table. Here are my commitments to you:

  • I’ll lead with integrity and always put people first. I refuse to take money from PACs and corporations, so you know I will only work for you. Period.
  • When I make decisions, I always do my homework. I’ll get input, talk with people who are most affected, and cast every vote with one goal: making life better for the people of LD 8.



Education is essential to the growth and success of our communities. Investing in and protecting public education isn’t just good for kids and families – it’s good for our economy. I will fight hard to make sure we make public school education a priority so that every child has a shot at a good life. Read more >>



This is personal for me. I had to change my whole life when my mom’s health deteriorated. We should have access to affordable healthcare, period. A medical emergency shouldn’t result in poverty. The guys in charge have cut funding to healthcare – even to children of working families. It’s time to vote in someone who will put people and children first – and that’s me. Read more >>



We need to get serious about protecting our natural resources. The water crisis is hitting all of us, and it’s going to get worse until we elect leaders who will fight to protect our water supply. I’m committed to respecting our public lands, preserving our natural resources, and investing in renewable energy including solar. Read more >>



We need to invest in our state’s infrastructure to ensure our quality of life and our future. Infrastructure, often thought of as just roads and bridges, also incorporates water treatment, waste management, public transportation, as well as communications. We must ensure that an ongoing investment in these things are proactive and well-thought out – not crisis management. Read more >>

You’ll always know where I stand on the issues. Read all of my positions here.