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On Issues and Policy

Support Invest in Education Initiative and eliminate school voucher system

Adopt a Drought Contingency Plan and provide incentives for water preservation

Eliminate dark money from politics

Use guest worker programs along the border as pathway to a green card

Protect Planned Parenthood

Ensure equitable tax structure, innovation, workforce training, and affordable healthcare

Support and introduce common-sense gun control legislation

Change our sentencing laws, end private prison contracts, decriminalize marijuana

Ensure police use standardized methods for conflict and arrests, void of discrimination

Uphold American values of nondiscrimination; ensure separation of church and state

Increase our use of renewable energy and preserve our water

Support & improve the Affordable Care Act; expand AHCCCS as needed

Legalize marijuana to reduce our prison population and generate state revenue

Ensure a livable minimum wage while providing small businesses tax incentives

Incentivize sustainable mining; ensure our natural resources and water are protected

Support Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Initiative; adopt renewables statewide

Stop the diversion of HURF funds to areas unrelated to improving state transportation

Preserve a woman’s right to make health decisions reflecting her values & religious beliefs

About Linda Gross

I'm a proud Democrat who believes Government's role is to empower people to succeed and to represent the diversity of our country in such a way that everyone has a voice when it comes to setting policy and laws which affect their lives.

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