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The maintenance and repair of our infrastructure projects must not become a matter of crisis management. Infrastructure, often thought of as just roads and bridges, also incorporates water treatment, waste management, public transportation, as well as communications.

We need to treat infrastructure as an organic system that plays a key role in the health of our state. Just like we humans need to maintain our arteries, we need to maintain our water pipes, roads, and public transportation in order to stay healthy as a state.

We must ensure that an ongoing investment in these things are well-thought out, properly funded and implemented. The mantra that cutting taxes is good for business, and what is good for business is good for us, doesn’t work.

And borrowing money from infrastructure funds for other uses simply means we’ll pay more for infrastructure later. We’ve pulled 30 million out of HURF (Highway User Revenue Fund) to fund public safety instead of using these funds for their intended use – to fund the state’s highway system.

Broadband is important technology which is paving our future. We need to allow our rural communities to transition from traditional industries to service and web-based businesses, which will ensure that our rural communities have access to healthcare, education, and the job opportunities that have been enjoyed by our cities.

I believe we need to invest in our state’s infrastructure to ensure our quality of life and our future. All are critical to our economy, jobs, and community life, and impact our ability to prosper as a state.




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I'm a proud Democrat who believes Government's role is to empower people to succeed and to represent the diversity of our country in such a way that everyone has a voice when it comes to setting policy and laws which affect their lives.

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