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Access to affordable health care is critical to the health of our people, our communities, and our state. We have many health care challenges, particularly throughout rural Arizona, including a lack of providers, high premium costs and deductibles leading to delayed care, limited accessibility to services, and growing mental health and substance abuse issues. Neglecting our healthcare has a domino effect which radiates outward into our families and our communities.

It it important that we get this right and work on solutions which recognize healthcare as both a right and an economic imperative which will benefit all of us. While we discuss alternatives to the current system, including a single payer health care system, we should improve, not replace, the Affordable Health Care Act, which has always been meant as a starting place and has provided so many Arizonans healthcare who would not have had it otherwise.




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I'm a proud Democrat who believes Government's role is to empower people to succeed and to represent the diversity of our country in such a way that everyone has a voice when it comes to setting policy and laws which affect their lives.

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