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The desert environment in Arizona has attracted people from all over the world and is at the heart of the 10 billion dollar tourism industry in our state. Its public lands are legendary and we must honor the legacy of these lands that earlier generations had the foresight to set aside and pass on to us- ensuring they remain in tact for future generations.

Water will become the benchmark by which we measure our success to manage the future and will drive policy, as we seek to protect our ground water from over pumping and use by for-profit corporations which threaten water supplies for individuals, families and communities.

In the land of sunshine, we must utilize our natural resource and invest in building a renewable energy program in the state which helps both individuals and business meet the needs of the future. We need to give the environment equal standing to corporate profit-making and protect our environment and water supply first and foremost.



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I'm a proud Democrat who believes Government's role is to empower people to succeed and to represent the diversity of our country in such a way that everyone has a voice when it comes to setting policy and laws which affect their lives.

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