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A strong, vibrant public education for all kids in this state is what will ensure our future and strengthen our communities and families throughout Arizona. It is the engine which drives sustainable opportunities for all. It is the foundation which offers all kids a choice to explore that which speaks to them, from the arts to the trades to higher learning. And, it is what truly gives all children a choice about their future and ensures our own. Our public tax dollars should go to fund public education. Period.

Private and parochial schools should be funded by those who choose to support them, not by tax payers.

I am all for choice, but the choice I seek is one for all kids – not just a select few, not just for parents who can afford to provide it.

Public education is the key. The funding cuts to public education and the rise of charter, for-profit schools has been damning to our future, as we’ve seen. The insidious tax cuts to corporations which have gone on unabated for decades under a Republican-led effort has siphoned over 600 million dollars out of our state coffers and left public education operating on a shoe string.

Our teachers, our school counselors, school nurses, bus drivers, and our kids, have all become poorer, and so have we in each of our communities and across the state. While charter schools and vouchers are used to educate a handful of students and put money into the hands of charter-school business owners, our public schools  tasked with educating “everyone else”  are at risk of failing because of  policy.

It is time to change policy and support the greater good for all in this state, beginning with public education, our kids and our communities.

End corporate tax cuts and ensure corporations pay their fair share

Use AZ Lottery monies and tobacco monies to fund K-12 education and the three state colleges

End the voucher system for private schools

Create true oversight of charter schools, which involves accountability and transparency

Raise the bar and develop a plan to move Arizona public schools from 49th to the top 25th percentile in the next ten years

About Linda Gross

I'm a proud Democrat who believes Government's role is to empower people to succeed and to represent the diversity of our country in such a way that everyone has a voice when it comes to setting policy and laws which affect their lives.

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