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About Linda Gross

To the Constituents of Legislative District 8:

I’ve stayed out of politics, until now. Now, I want a seat at the table to represent those whose voices have not been heard.

I’ve spent the last 35 years in sales, marketing, and running small businesses that I’ve created. When I moved to Globe, Arizona, 17 years ago, it was to take care of my aging mother, whose dementia was robbing her of the ability to run her B&B and remain independent and vital in a community she had grown to love. Looking around for a job beyond caregiver, I decided to launch a community newspaper – the Globe Miami Times – to feature the people and culture of our area, and use a journalism degree I’d earned 20 years earlier. Publishing the paper has been very rewarding for me, since it has allowed me to be fully engaged with my community.

Before that, I lived in Tucson for nearly 19 years, where I got my first taste of the tourism industry in Arizona as wrangler for a small local guest ranch. Happily, I was paid well for doing the things that I would have done for free: ride horses in the beautiful Arizona desert and talk with guests who came from all over the U.S. and the world.

Later, I moved into sales and marketing and created an asset management company with friends that morphed into a commercial furniture resale company serving the business community in Tucson.

And, in all those years, I largely stayed out of politics. I was focused on building my businesses and doing the best I could for my customers and my community.

I was free to do that because I believed that the values I had grown up with and had been taught in my family were so embedded in America that nothing would ever change them.

Values like inclusiveness, integrity, service-before-self, and respect for others.

And, certainly, those all-American virtues which were respected around the world, like: our respect for the rule of law, our respect for the importance of science and discovery, and our respect for journalists and fact-based journalism.

Lately, these values are under attack.

So, it is time to shift my focus and bring all my energy, experience, talents, and resources to working on finding our way back so we can move forward.

I recently heard a story told by Unitarian Minister Patrick O’Neill. The story was about Masai warriors, whose traditional greeting to each other is, “Kasserian Ingera.”

It means, “And How Are All the Children?”

Hearing this for the first time, I recognized that O’Neill’s story provides a North Star to follow.

If we can come to a place where we can heartily respond with, “All The Children Are Well,” we will have managed to address the pressing needs we face now while looking to long-term solutions. We will have learned to cherish our environment and preserve and protect our air, water, and land for future generations, and we will have forged good relations with our neighbors close to home and around the world.

That is why I am running now. I want a seat at the table to serve you and ensure that the voices of all of us are heard loud and clear.



Linda Gross. Photo by Yevette Vargas ’18

About Linda Gross

Small Business Owner, Journalist, Entrepreneur

Linda Gross is a publisher, marketing consultant, journalist, photographer, and entrepreneur residing in Globe, Arizona, where she owns and operates the Globe Miami Times, a hyperlocal, community-based newspaper she founded in 2006.

With Linda’s networking, marketing, event-organizing, and innovation, the Globe Miami Times has reached a distribution of more than 22,000 – engaging readers through print, digital, and social media.

Through Globe Miami Times, Linda founded and published numerous guides for the region, including an Outdoor Guide for Southern Gila County, a Health Care Guide, and a Visitor’s Guide, reaching a combined distribution of 37,000.

Linda has been actively involved in community issues and economic development for the last 12 years. She served as a board member of the United Fund of Globe-Miami, a fundraising organization that assists non-profits in the region, from 2013 to 2017. In 2011, she helped lead a successful grassroots effort to stop a private prison from locating in Globe.

Prior to running the Globe Miami Times, Linda operated her own commercial furniture resale and asset management company in Tucson.

As a young person, Linda was largely influenced by her mother, who was a strong women’s rights champion and a resourceful single mother. Linda was also greatly influenced by the large boarding house her mother ran. Linda became roommates with international students from more than 20 countries during her teen years. The experience embedded in her a sense of the true value of America’s freedoms and values, and a perception of the United States’ standing in the world, through the eyes and experiences of those visitors from abroad.

Linda was raised in Kansas and graduated from Kansas State University, receiving a degree in journalism in 1982. She is also a cancer survivor, passionate foodie, and former Fred Astaire dance teacher. She has resided in Arizona for more than 30 years.